Williams 'literally looked at everything' wrong with 2018

10-02-2019 11:19
by Louis Shaw
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Williams 'literally looked at everything' wrong with 2018

2018 was a very poor year for Williams and they have reviewed what went wrong and are looking to learn from their mistakes. 

The British team finished last in the constructor's championship and failed to perform throughout the year. A thorough review of what went wrong has been put in place with the hopes that 2019 will be more successful. 

“When you are where we found ourselves last year, you have to look at every element of your business and that’s exactly what we’ve done," Claire Williams told Crash.net. 

“I think that just trying to change one thing or doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome isn’t going to steer you in the direction in which you need to be going, so we have literally looked at everything.

“We have obviously changed our drivers, we’ve changed certain structures within the organisation, we’ve addressed all the areas around performance that we need to, and I think that probably the one thing that we have kept stable is the engine this year. 

“So it’s making sure that all parts of the jigsaw puzzle are fitting correctly and going from there.”

In an article earlier this week, Claire even said that her team could be competing for the 'best of the rest' spot. It will be interesting to see if Williams can drag themselves back from the bottom and return to the heights that they have achieved in the past. 

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