Haas sponsor slam claims of not being legitimate

07-02-2019 11:48 | Updated: 07-02-2019 12:08
by Louis Shaw
Haas sponsor slam claims of not being legitimate

Haas Formula 1 team title sponsor Rich Energy boss says doubting his company is “like saying man never walked on the moon”.

New sponsors Rich Energy have influenced the livery of the 2019 Haas car which was revealed earlier today. However, some question the legitimacy of his company is questionable but William Storey has slammed any doubts against him. 

Storey told Motorsport.com that he welcomed scrutiny and “the detractors are obviously not on the same planet as you and me”.

“I think a lot of people have put two and two together and got five,” he said.

“I’ve heard these nonsense rumours, whatever, and it’s just completely risible. I just ignore it.

“Ultimately we’ve just produced 90million cans. As far as I’m concerned anyone who says it doesn’t exist it’s like saying man never walked on the moon, or Elvis is still alive. It’s just fantasy.”

Haas will hope that the new sponsorship deal enables them to try and compete at the top of the field. A claim which Storey made in this article stating that he thinks Haas can beat Red Bull. 

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