Haas 'confident we can beat Red Bull' says Storey

07-02-2019 10:19 | Updated: 07-02-2019 10:29
by Louis Shaw
Haas 'confident we can beat Red Bull' says Storey

Sponsors of the Haas team, Rich Energy, have claimed that they will be able to beat Red Bull this year. 

Rich Energy boss, Williams Storey, has made a big prediction saying that Haas will beat Red Bull in 2019. 

“We are confident we will beat Red Bull in many races this year,” Storey told The Sun.

“That is holy grail marketing but sometimes you get a bit of serendipity and right timing.

“Red Bull have spent £250billion in F1 and last year across Toro Rosso and Red Bull, there or thereabouts, £400million.

“Ultimately, we are going to have a better-looking car.”

“I think a cooler team and I think if we do beat them on track, which I think we have a great chance of doing, then that will be a brilliant achievement for us." 

Haas have been punching above their weight since the start of their Formula 1 campaign in 2016 but will face competition with midfield rival Renault to the position of 'best of the rest.' 

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