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Leclerc must not be 'impatient' says manager Nicolas Todt

Leclerc must not be 'impatient' says manager Nicolas Todt

07-02-2019 09:03

Charles Leclerc has joined Ferrari after swapping teams with Kimi Raikkonen but will have to be patient according to his manager. 

Leclerc manager, Nicolas Todt, the son of FIA president Jean Todt, believes that the young racer needs to limit his expectations. Many have suggested that Leclerc will be able to challenge and may even be quicker than Sebastian Vettel. 

Nicolas Todt said, Leclerc "has never been on the podium yet," and wants Leclerc to avoid getting carried away.  

"The mistake that Charles must not commit is to be impatient," he told Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport.

"He is only 21 and will have to handle the disappointment of defeat, which he feels even if he is second.

"Charles always sets himself very high goals, but it will not be a problem for him."

Leclerc has proved his natural ability but this step up to a top tier team will really test the young driver. 

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