Toto Wolff says aerodynamic changes will dictate 2019 season

04-02-2019 17:04
by Matt Gretton
Toto Wolff says aerodynamic changes will dictate 2019 season

Toto Wolff remains cautious over the changes made to the regulations in 2019. The front wing will alter dramatically and in the build-up to the car reveals, Wolff believes the team which correctly guess how to use the front wing will win.

Mercedes, the current champions, are rightly the favourites heading into the upcoming season. However, Wolff remains concerned about the changes and a potential loophole being exploited by a single team.

"In 2019, the team that has guessed the front wing will win," Wolff told FormulaPassion.

"Only heaven knows who the fastest team will be next season. Because of the new rules, the cards on the table have been shaken again and our base of the past five years can be destroyed.

"However for us, these changes are a big challenge and we can not wait to compete with our opponents, for this we are in Formula 1," said the team boss of the German team.

The changes are introduced with the hope they'll improve overtaking. We'll have to wait a while to see the results, but many experts suggest change will be limited.

On Monday afternoon, Mercedes dropped a little sneak peek on Twitter which included close-ups of car parts. Though they didn't include any aerodynamics.

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