NASCAR on Alonso's radar for the future

25-01-2019 19:32
by Jake Williams-Smith
NASCAR on Alonso's radar for the future

Fernando Alonso has hinted at a possible future in NASCAR at some point in his career. Although he ruled out an immediate switch to the series, Alonso left the door open to a potentially very exciting opportunity at a later date.

After the conclusion of the 2018 F1 season, the Spaniard took part in a car swap with seven-time NASCAR Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, assuming the wheel of the 48 car. His time with the Chevrolet Camaro may just have planted a seed in his head over a possible drive in the future.

Ahead of the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, the former McLaren driver admitted that whilst he wasn't going to be appearing at the oval in a stock car anytime soon, it was something that he was open to down the line.

"In terms of stock car, (it’s) not in the plans in the moment. I cannot say never ever, but in the short-term it’s not in the plan because again it’s starting from zero, learning everything.

"The schedule is super-intense (with WEC and Indy 500 preparations) and I don’t feel it’s the right moment now."

With prior experience oval racing with his Indy500 appearance in 2017 and with another one on the horizon later this year, Alonso seems to have caught the bug for it and may further his résumé with another category to his name.

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