Preparations for a more competitive 2021 season are in place

08-01-2019 17:43
by Louis Shaw
Preparations for a more competitive 2021 season are in place

Many fans are looking forward to the start of the 2019 Formula 1 season but the teams, the FIA and F1 also have a firm eye on 2021... 

2021 will be a season that should mark the dawn of a new era with new cars, with a new engine, competing within a budget cap in a championship that is fairer in terms of revenue distribution.

Such a revolutionary change has to take time and changes are already being implemented for the 2019 season. 

New aerodynamic rules, focusing predominantly on the front wing, will be introduced in an attempt to increase the number of overtakes and make Formula 1 more exciting. 

“What we learn from this aero programme will be very important for the next bigger step, in 2021,” says F1 motorsport boss Ross Brawn to

“The point to stress is it’s a philosophy and a culture, not just a one-stop solution.

“If we don’t achieve everything we want to achieve with these changes, we’ll learn from it, press on and carry on with the next phase of changes and we’ll keep doing that until we get the cars in a form when they can race each other much more effectively, which they can’t at the moment. It’s useful to see if the teams have been able to evolve and take different directions because we don’t want to discover that in 2021.”

It is hopeful that the powers of Formula 1 are wanting to make the sport more engaging for the fans. I can not wait to see if these changes will make Formula 1 more exciting. 

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