Sargeant does get penalty from the stewards after obstructing Stroll

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Sargeant does get a penalty from Barcelona stewards
22 June at 19:28

Logan Sargeant has received a penalty for obstructing Lance Stroll in qualifying. Whereas Charles Leclerc and Lance Stroll got away with a reprimand, the penalty for the American is a lot bigger.

Indeed, Sargeant will receive a three-place grid penalty for the next Grand Prix he competes in, which is Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix. Sargeant qualified 20th on the grid, so Sargeant will not be in much pain from the penalty.

Why Sargeant did receive a penalty

The penalty is remarkable though. Sargeant obstructed Stroll, who was then still able to advance to Q2. The action seems a minor offence compared to the actions earlier in the day that only resulted in a reprimand. Indeed, Leclerc and Stroll drove into another driver during FP3 and got away with it.

The FIA document also reveals that Sargeant himself could do little about the interference. Indeed, Williams did not inform him of the oncoming Stroll in time and therefore could not swerve in time. However, the stewards ruled that the driver must still bear responsibility for this.

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy