Denmark not giving up on hosting a Grand Prix

21-12-2018 15:38
by Adam Newton
Denmark not giving up on hosting a Grand Prix

F1 is looking to expand on its current calendar, moving to new venues, such as Vietnam, which F1 will visit first in 2020.

And now, despite the hopes of it happening being dashed a little while ago, Helge Saner, a former government minister has said that he has received positive messages to do with hosting a Grand Prix in the country.

The race could take place in another Danish city, and Sander told Ekstra Bladet: "The positive vibe around Formula 1 has naturally caused other municipalities to react.

"If a sufficiently interesting project emerges elsewhere in Denmark, it should naturally be tried, provided the relevant practical, sustainable and economic conditions are fulfilled.

"We had to take in the shock of that announcement [from the mayor], but we have to accept that right now it is not possible to arrange a Formula 1 race in Copenhagen, even though I have received positive messages almost daily since the mayor's announcement."

Current Haas driver Kevin Magnussen has boosted the popularity of F1 in Denmark, and would be the home favourite if a race was to go ahead.

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