Could Ocon move to Audi? "They're rapidly running out of options"

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Marc Priestley suggests tensions between Ocon and Alpine are rising
14 June at 16:00
  • Sophia Crothall

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Alpine announced that Esteban Ocon would be leaving the team at the end of the season. In Montreal, BBC F1 Pundit Marc Priestley noticed tensions continuing to grow between the two, as he explained in his latest YouTube video. 

Despite both their driver's scoring points at the weekend, it seems a "massive situation is brewing in terms of driver harmony, or team harmony" at Alpine, says Priestley. It seems that their are tensions between the team and Ocon, which would have influenced his depature. In Montreal, this was once again evident during the Grand Prix according to Priestley: "Esteban Ocon had disagreements and arguments over the radio when his team asked him to let Pierre Gasly by." The aim was to swap the two drivers so Gasly could overtake Daniel Ricciardo. "He [Ocon] at first refused to do that, then argued it to the point whereby the time he actually let him by it was only a lap and a half to go and it was actually too late." 

The BBC F1 pundit added: "They didn't even have time to swap them back, and the result of that was Esteban was very upset with the team. He made that very public, which never goes down well with the team, and given that he has already lost his drive, I suspect that's a relationship that is going downhill very quickly." 

Where could Ocon go after Alpine?

As of now, Alpine sit eighth in the Constructors, with five points, just three clear of Williams behind them in ninth. Gasly sits 15th in the Drivers' standings, with Ocon in 17th. Following the incident between the pair at the Monaco Grand Prix, where the two collided, the team and Ocon announced his depature at the end of the season. Although it is not yet confirmed where the driver could be heading, Priestley acknowledged that is seems he does have a seat. "There's a lot of talk about him already having a seat lined up for next year," he said. "You could only assume this is Haas, unless Audi are not going to get hold of Carlos Sainz if he goes to Williams, then what else have they got? They are rapidly running out of options."