"Cautious optimism" for McLaren in 2019

19-12-2018 19:08
by Adam Newton
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Cautious optimism for McLaren in 2019

McLaren have perhaps been guilty of over-expecting in their targets for recent seasons, perfectly displayed by Fernando Alonso’s ‘now we can fight’ message after the Australian Grand Prix this year.

This year they seemed to have toned it down a bit, with Zak Brown saying that the squad is cautiously optimistic for the coming year.

They have a double change in their driver line up, with Fernando Alonso retiring and Stoffel Vandoorne dropped, being replaced by Carlos Sainz and rookie Lando Norris.

Chief executive Zak Brown said: "There is a lot of cautious optimism but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves.

"We've done that before and we're not going to make the same mistake twice."

McLaren are entering their second season with Renault engines after three ill-fated years with Honda engines.

Brown continued: "Development is going well. We're kind of on-track with what we are wanting to achieve.

"We have no idea where the competition is other than speculation. I don't think we will know until we get to [pre-season testing in February in] Barcelona but we are pleased with the progress we have made.

"We have done things differently. Everyone is working well together so it feels like a more quiet confidence but we're on our toes. we know this is an important year for us to show progress and that comes with some exciting nervous energy.

"We know we are not going to get there overnight. It is going to feel good before it looks good, because there is a lag in what we do today doesn't hit the track tomorrow."

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