Verstappen wants to help with Monaco adjustments: 'Looking at what's possible'

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Max Verstappen would like to help with talks on Monaco
31 May at 08:00

There have been many complaints about the Monaco Grand Prix. Some people feel that the race through the streets of Monte Carlo no longer belongs on the calendar. Others again feel that you cannot take the race off the calendar but that adjustments are needed. Max Verstappen says after the race that he would like to be involved in talks for adjustments to the circuit.

During the race, Verstappen was already complaining about how boring it was in the car. He drove four seconds off maximum speed as George Russell was busy saving his tyres. Overtaking is almost impossible in Monaco, so the Dutchman was behind the Briton in frustration.

After the Grand Prix, there was a lot of criticism. Many people agreed with Verstappen's assessment. Hamilton, for instance, stated that the fans "must have fallen asleep at home". In total, only four overtakes were made during the 78 laps through Monaco.

Verstappen on help with adjustments in Monaco

Verstappen himself said he felt the race needed adjustments. When asked if he would be happy to be involved in talks about adjustments, he replied, "Of course. If they ask for my opinion, I will try to see what is possible. But it also depends on what kind of roads you are going to use."