Sir Jackie Stewart calls Verstappen "refreshing"

11-12-2018 18:00
by Bobby Vincent
Sir Jackie Stewart calls Verstappen refreshing

Formula One legend Sir Jackie Stewart has described Red Bull driver Max Verstappen as "refreshing" - with the 21-year-old producing an excellent second half to the 2018 campaign.

The Dutch driver started at Toro Rosso in 2015, and made the switch to Red Bull Racing for the 2016 season and is now a five-time grand prix winner for the energy drink brand.

Stewart has been very complimentary of Verstappen's rise and has said it is "refreshing" that the driver has flourished so quickly in F1.

"We need new drivers and new blood," Stewart said during an exclusive interview with F1 Fan Voice Q&A session. "And they are sure, and suddenly there is a Verstappen, who causes a stir, it is refreshing for F1 that he came here and that he has done so well, so quickly.

"But Red Bull Racing had a big finer on the porridge by guiding him during the sport's entry classes, because today it is more difficult than ever to get into Formula One and find resources.

"More international companies should be interested in. Everyone drives a car; whether it's a Fiat or a Ferrari, everyone drives cars, so some commercial companies in the world have to see that and make use of motorsport.

"It brings young drivers with them and hopefully brings them to the highest levels of motorsport."

Verstappen has been tipped by many to challenge for the world championship next season. And for Red Bull, it's the start of a new era; with Daniel Ricciardo switching to Renault - it's time for Pierre Gasly to step up.

Gasly has taken the exact same career-path as Verstappen did three years ago, making the switch from Toro Rosso to Red Bull.

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