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Lammers knows why Red Bull struggled at Imola

'Monaco Grand Prix will be battle between McLaren and Red Bull'

21 May at 18:00
Last update 21 May at 18:51
  • Estéban den Toom

Whilst things seemed turbulent for Red Bull RacingMax Verstappen was still able to win the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix at Imola. Jan Lammers saw where the problem was for the Austrian constructor, namely in the type of track, yet things could also get tricky in Monaco, Lammers explained.

Verstappen had to work hard for his victory in Italy. Until the end, the reigning world champion was in a battle with McLaren driver Lando Norris. Verstappen himself went to the limit, he revealed after the race at Imola. Lammers knows why it became so difficult for the three-time world champion.

Why it became difficult for Red Bull according to Lammers

"Imola is also a bit of a stop-start circuit. It is hard on the brakes, left and right, short corners, you can't go very long. Think for example of the Tarzan corner or other long through corners where you can really put a lot of load on it, so the Red Bull still lacks that a bit," Lammers explained in the NOS Formula 1 podcast.

The former Formula 1 driver thinks Monaco could be very tricky for Red Bull. "I also think they are going to have a pretty tough time in Monaco. Ferrari might also come out really well there, but then I think it will be a battle between the McLarens and the Red Bulls," Lammers concluded.

This article was written in collaboration with Sophia Crothall.