Grosjean speaks out on 2012 Spa crash

06-12-2018 14:41 | Updated: 06-12-2018 14:56
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Grosjean speaks out on 2012 Spa crash

Romain Grosjean has revealed he worked with a psychologist to improve his Formula 1 performances after causing a massive crash at the Belgian Grand Prix in 2012.

Grosjean was the cause of a first corner collision that saw championship leader at the time, Fernando Alonso, retire.

It was one of many incidents in a tough start to his F1 career in which he was branded as a “first lap nutcase” by Mark Webber.

Speaking for The Players’ Tribute the Frenchman revealed how he was introduced to a psychologist saying: “I was introduced to a sports psychologist in Paris a few months before the race in Spa, and I began meeting with her regularly after the Grand Prix - and I haven’t stopped since,” Grosjean said.

“Our sessions have changed my career and my life, without a doubt. F1 is such a heady sport.

“As drivers, we’re so isolated and mistakes we make impact a team that consists of hundreds of people across the world.”

Grosjean also revealed how it had been a tough few days at the time of the crash.

“It was a difficult weekend,” he explained. "I was all over the place, mentally, for a few days.

“I couldn’t think straight - I couldn’t think about getting in the car again.”

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