McLaren's poor performance is down to a "lack of leadership"

06-12-2018 11:42
by Louis Shaw
McLaren's poor performance is down to a lack of leadership

Zak Brown believes a 'lack of consistent leadership' is part of the reason the team performed so poorly last season. 

It is being reported that management issues are what led to the team's dismal results. 

"Ultimately what got us here this year started five years ago. This year’s problem is years in the works," Brown said to

"My summary of that is that we’ve had a lack of consistent leadership. I don’t point the fingers at any one individual. That was a lack of focus because of all the activities that were going on, from the boardroom down buyouts; merging of companies; team principals in; team principals out; CEOs in; CEOs out."

"They haven’t forgotten how to win we just didn’t have the right infrastructure in place, and that’s what we’ve set out to fix."

McLaren faced a number of changes in personnel over the past few years and this must impact the way the team works and operates. 

The British team will be hoping that they can return to winning ways in 2019.  

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