This is how Sargeant reacts to the talk about Antonelli

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Logan Sargeant comments on how comfortable he feels in Miami
5 May at 11:28
  • Sophia Crothall

This week it was revealed that Williams' team boss James Vowles had applied for a superlicence for F2 driver Kimi Antonelli to replace current driver Logan Sargeant. Despite the stories in the media, Sargeant says he is not distracted by them, and feels that at his home weekend in Miami, this is the most comfortable he has felt all season. 

"I'm just doing my job to the best I can. Jumping in during FP1 this weekend is the most comfortable I've felt all year, and I feel like I was straight away on it," Sargeant said when questioned about how he is handling the pressure from the media.

"Here today, I feel like I did a good job, so it’s just looking for that last tenth, but nonetheless just enjoying it, being home, and I'm going to keep delivering the best I can."

'I'm going to continue to move forward more'

Earlier this week it was reported that Sargeant could be replaced by Antonelli this season. Nevertheless, the F2 driver is not yet old enough to obtain a superlicence, which is required for the higher racing class. Vowles has also turned down speculation, and has continued to defend Sargeant and his performance. 

"I talk to James internally, and I talk to my managers, and I'm comfortable," said Sargeant.  "I feel like I've been driving well, and I feel like that was a good qualifying session. I'm going to continue to move forward more."

This weekend in Miami is Sargeant's home race. So far, he has outqualified his team-mate Alex Albon in sprint qualifying, and finished 10th in the sprint race itself, ahead of Albon who finished 13th. This is the first time he has outqualified his team-mate since he joined the team. 

"If we have the same balance as today in the sprint race, it's going to be tough. I feel confident in the changes we've made, which is in the right direction. Nonetheless, we'll have to wait and see. I was really happy with the straight-line speed advantage that we have. If we can sort out some of our exits, then we'll be able to put a lot of people under threat."