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martin brundle on future newey: two teams make offer

Brundle is sure: 'Two F1 teams have made Newey an offer'

5 May at 10:22
Last update 5 May at 10:28
  • Sophia Crothall

Now that it is clear that Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull Racing, the follow-up question is: 'What will the master designer do next?' Taking some time off is what Newey has in mind initially, but it is obvious that he will want to work elsewhere soon after that. Otherwise, why else would his lawyers ensure it stipulates he could work again as early as April 2025? The big question now is, where could he go?

Martin Brundle, Sky Sports analyst, is convinced that much of the F1 paddock will want to have a cup of coffee with Newey in the coming period. "If not, they're not doing the job properly," argues the former F1 driver with his UK employer, who adds that there does need to be a budget to make best use of Newey's knowledge and expertise.

"There's no point having him there with the ideas, when you can't actually put them on the racetrack. So I'd be absolutely sure Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz are pushing really hard and just exploring the opportunities. All those teams will say they're not because they don't want to upset the team they've already got, and if they don't get him then they don't want to look like they lost it. I know at least two of those teams are pushing hard and making him offers," Brundle said.

Newey can work from South Africa

In the past, Ferrari was once very interested in the services of Newey, who, did not want to make the move to Italy. Times have since changed and that would not even be necessary at all, argues Brundle. "And Rory Byrne still works at Ferrari. He is 80 and lives in Thailand. A lot of his work Adrian does for Red Bull from his home town of Cape Town. I think in today's digital world, you can work from home just fine."