Season five 'make or break' for Formula E - Agag

05-12-2018 18:55
by Jake Williams-Smith
Season five 'make or break' for Formula E - Agag

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag believes that the series' fifth season could be a breakthrough year. The all-electric series has slowly grown in popularity since its inception and the first race of the 2018/19 season is just over a week away.

With the continued interest from major automotive manufacturers developing into full-time entries for BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar and Nissan, the series will enter its second generation with a huge bounce in its step.

Speaking to Reuters, Agag admitted that the new season could be make or break for Formula E, adding that the series couldn't afford to fail with such investment and interest from huge brands in the industry.

"I think season five is the big season for Formula E," Agag said. "Season five is the moment of truth for Formula E.

"Now people are coming, assuming that this is a long-term venture that is going to be playing a really huge role in the motorsports industry and in the car industry.

"And we cannot fail. We have new manufacturers, new sponsors. It’s great, but it also means more responsibility."

A new innovation for its fifth season is the 'Attack mode' in which drivers will receive a power boost for going offline in certain parts of the track.

Although Formula One is still comfortably faster than any Formula E car, Agag explained that in the future, the electric cars could be the ones setting the records.

"Electric cars are going to go faster and faster. "I see us going now towards smaller batteries with the same amount of power, and ultra-fast charging so maybe one or two pitstops during the race in generation three.

"This will mean less weight, even more power, so a lot more performance. And I think generation four or five can be at the same level as the Formula 1 cars today."

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