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hefty fine for Norris after sprint race Miami

More pain for Norris: McLaren driver gets hefty fine after sprint crash

4 May at 21:30

Lando Norris has received a hefty fine from the FIA for crossing the track at the Miami International Autodrome. The McLaren driver saw his sprint race end with a DNF shortly after the start, caused by a chain collision involving Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll.

Hefty fine for Norris

Norris was the victim of a chain collision that occurred just after the start of the Formula 1 sprint race in Miami. Alonso and Stroll were driving side by side with Norris on the outside, when Hamilton saw his chance and dived into a gap at the first corner. In the process, he hit Stroll, who in turn hit Alonso. Alonso hit Norris' McLaren, which spun off the track.

The incident at the start was not scrutinised by the stewards. Norris was: the F1 driver crossed the track after exiting. He did so at a time when this was not allowed and so he had to come to the stewards' attention. They ruled that a €50,000 fine was appropriate, of which €25,000 was conditional.