Todt: 'Hidden simulation' bad for F1

02-12-2018 09:15
by Jake Williams-Smith
Todt: 'Hidden simulation' bad for F1

FIA president Jean Todt believes that too much 'hidden simulation' is a bad thing for Formula One. The heavy reliance on simulators due to testing bans has resulted in the majority of development being hidden away behind closed doors.

Todt admitted that the use of simulators instead of in-season testing or private testing has negatively affected the sport and that F1 might have gone too far in the wrong direction in efforts to save costs.

“Things are changing, sometimes for the good, sometimes less good,” he told Sky Sports.

“I feel that cars are too reliable. I feel (there’s) too much happening that you don’t see. Simulation, drivers simulating race circuit in the factory during the race weekend or any other period without any limitation.

“In a way I miss sometimes the past. I miss private testing, everybody was complaining it’s too much private testing. At least you could see what was happening.

“Probably it was too much but now I think it’s too much hidden simulation in the factory. Clearly sometimes modernity is good but it should be also a bit more controlled.”

A reintroduction of in-season testing could lead to a further gap in performance between top teams and the rest, with costs to hold testing events a major burden on budgets.

Alternatively, the reintroduction of in-season testing could help close the gap with more track time for those who are off of the pace of the front-running teams.

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