Daniel Ricciardo describes relationship with Max Verstappen at Red Bull

30-11-2018 11:14 | Updated: 30-11-2018 11:18
by Matt Gretton
Daniel Ricciardo describes relationship with Max Verstappen at Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo has spoken out about his relationship with now former team-mate Max Verstappen. The duo has raced in 58 Grands Prix together, and the Australian claims he never has a bad day when they're together.

"He is, I think, the first, although I also have to give Seb credit because he was very good. Let me put it this way: Max is one of the first teammates who is so strong that you can not afford a bad day," Ricciardo tells Sky Sports.

"I think we are always very close and you know that if you do not bring your A-game for one, you will be defeated hard. In the past you could sometimes get away with it as a driver, but not with Max. You must always be at your best, and I think that rivalry has certainly ensured that we have brought out the best in each other."

Verstappen and Ricciardo had one tricky moment to navigate in 2018 when they collided in Baku. During their time together, they've collided just once more and Ricciardo is pleasantly surprised at this high level.

"For the rivalry we have, we get on very well. I have the idea that other drivers who are so close to each other more often get a collision. Twice in three years is in my opinion absolutely not bad," grins the Aussie.

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"Is that who I think it was?" ~ Daniel Ricciardo

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