Newey: '2026 technical regulations are partly a marketing ploy'

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Adrian Newey shares his views on the 2026 technical regulations

Formula 1 will introduce new technical regulations from 2026. For several reasons, these regulations are already controversial. Red Bull Racing technical director Adrian Newey shares his views on the new rules.

Although the complete regulations are not expected until around June, it is clear that it is mainly about sustainability. The engine regulations are changing drastically to fit this model. Energy generation is a secondary issue that comes into play.

Newey is still sceptical about the regulations

This could still cause some strange situations at some circuits. "It's certainly going to be a strange formula in as much as the engines will be working flat-chat as generators just about the whole time," Newey told Autosport. "So, the prospect of the engine working hard in the middle of Loews hairpin is going to take some getting used to."

Like Max Verstappen, the technical director is also not entirely happy with the way the technical regulations have been drawn up. Namely how the rules around the engine came first and how everything has to follow that. According to Newey, this is more of a marketing ploy. "I guess it is what their marketing people said that we should be doing and I understand that: it's potentially interesting because F1 can be a fast-track developer of technology," said the Brit.