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Charles Leclerc on Carlos Sainz beating him all the time

What does Leclerc think of Sainz's top form? 'It doesn't make me happy'

11 April at 13:00
  • GPblog.com

Throughout this season, Carlos Sainz has been faster than Charles Leclerc. Sainz has won the last two races Max Verstappen hasn't won. Leclerc explained how he feels about that in Japan.

In 2023, Red Bull Racing won every race except Singapore, which Sainz won. In 2024, Red Bull has also won every race so far except Australia, which Sainz also won. Furthermore, Sainz is only four points behind Leclerc, having started one less race.

Leclerc not happy with his own performance

Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc is not happy with this. "I would lie if I say that I'm happy with that. Of course not. But we will see. I think the points at the end of the season are even more so. However, I want to win and I want to be back at winning as soon as possible. Carlos has done an amazing job in the two opportunities we had in winning. And now it's up to me to react and to hopefully win the next one. That's the target," the Monegasque said in Japan.

Leclerc feels that people are too quick to forget what happened before and that their opinions are based too much on the last race. He is also asked about whether it worries him to be beaten by Sainz, who will no longer be driving for Ferrari next year. To that, he said: "However, the fact that Carlos won't be in Ferrari next year doesn't add pressure or anything. My goal is always to win."