Sirotkin "didn't enjoy" "very, very painful" final race in Formula 1

26-11-2018 13:18
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Sirotkin didn't enjoy very, very painful final race in Formula 1

Williams rookie Sergey Sirotkin has admitted that he didn't enjoy his final race in Formula 1 at all, as the Russian struggled massively with an overheating car throughout the entirety of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Sirotkin's financial backers SMP Racing have already announced that the Russian won't be participating in F1 next season, as they didn't like the performance and development levels at Williams. George Russell and Robert Kubica will come into the team next season.

“I didn’t get the best start and straight away I lost a lot of ground and wasn’t in the best position for the next sequences of corners," he was quoted by RaceFans.

“I had problems with the car overheating so for one-third of the race I had to do massive cooling. It was such a painful race, such a painful stint.

"I was trying my best to cool it down as quick as I could but as other cars pitted and came out behind me, I tried to fight, protect and cool the car at the same time and it was a mess.

“I didn’t enjoy it. It has been a very, very painful race. I really wanted to enjoy it and it’s just so painful to finish the season like this.”

The 23-year-old also took to his social media to thank his fans for the support, while also insisting that he will be back in F1 one day. 

WhisperBox +70 26-11-2018 17:21
Too bad! He has shown some good racecraft this season and outqualified Lance Stroll!
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