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Tsunoda gives this excuse as to why he is so ANGRY on the team radio

Tsunoda gives this excuse as to why he is so ANGRY on the team radio

2 April - 17:00

We know Yuki Tsunoda as a driver who can still sometimes vent his frustrations on the team radio. His team and Red Bull have instructed him to behave a bit more, and Tsunoda says this takes a lot of energy out of him.

Yuki Tsunoda can still be fiery on the radio. One drawback for him is that everything is televised these days. If the Japanese driver really wants to move to Red Bull, he will have to show that he can control his emotions.

The last incident where we saw Tsunoda lash out was at the Bahrain Grand Prix. An altercation with his own teammate again caused frustration on the team radio. After the race, the 23-year-old himself also acknowledged that this is an area he needs to address.

Staying calm on team radio costs Tsunoda a lot of energy

In Saudi Arabia, Tsunoda's patience was tested once more. A situation with both Haas drivers in which he was held back was a moment for the Japanese to prove himself. He managed to keep reasonably calm.

Speaking in Australia, the VCARB driver said of the moment. "I’m very pleased how I handled [it]. I would say if it's normal for me [to] press the radio and something I would say like usual me. But at the same time, I want to change myself. So, I'm pleased that I'm able to prove that a little bit, that first step."

Holding back his frustrations costs Tsunoda a lot of energy. "But it wasn't easy, obviously, even in my helmet, I was biting my tongue like hell. I didn't know that [not using team radio], actually, this would take a lot of energy. More than I use for the neck or G-force, to hold on my stress."