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F1 Duels: Sainz has advantage at Ferrari, Ricciardo loses to Tsunoda

F1 Duels: Sainz has advantage at Ferrari, Ricciardo loses to Tsunoda

26 March - 13:00

A driver's first opponent is his teammate. With exactly the same equipment, your teammate is the one you want to beat first. How do the duels between the drivers stand after the Australian Grand Prix? Here is the complete overview of each and every duel.

At some teams, a clear gap between the two drivers is already starting to emerge. At Red Bull Racing, this has been evident for some time, but at Ferrari this year it is surprisingly Carlos Sainz who is leading his teammate. In the two races they raced together, Sainz scored more points and finished ahead of Leclerc twice. Leclerc did score more points overall, but he scored those other points with Oliver Bearman as his teammate.

What is the state of race action after the Australian GP?

At Visa Cash App RB, Yuki Tsunoda is also starting to make his mark more and more. The Japanese finished ahead of Daniel Ricciardo every qualifying session and only finished behind the Australian in Bahrain because of a team order. The pressure on the experienced Ricciardo is therefore increasing for good reason.

There are also teams where the duos are much closer together. The McLaren drivers are the best example. There is only a minimal difference between Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri on Saturday and Sunday. Norris, despite one point less than Piastri, narrowly has the upper hand within the team.