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schumacher won't compare lewis hamilton to max verstappen

Schumacher doubts Hamilton's transfer: 'He's no Max'

15 March at 14:45

Ralf Schumacher doubts that Lewis Hamilton is a real asset for Ferrari. The Mercedes driver was recently recruited by the Italian racing stable, but Michael Schumacher 's brother thinks that was not really a smart move by team boss Frederic Vasseur. After all, Hamilton is no Max Verstappen, according to the former F1 driver.

"He will certainly bring his expertise and insights, but I think Ferrari is already well on its way. Hamilton will not be able to contribute much," Schumacher assessed in an interview with

Bringing in Hamilton has cost a pretty penny and the seven-time world champion's arrival is actually justifiable if he will bring Ferrari (or himself) another world title after years of drought in Maranello. "I am sure Vasseur would not pay so much money for nothing. He will offer and give Hamilton everything to make sure he can perform," Schumacher said. At Ferrari, no expense is being spared to finally be on that top step again at the end of the race and that should help Hamilton in 2025.

Leclerc and Hamilton

However, the German analyst is curious to see how the mutual battle between Charles Leclerc and newcomer Hamilton will develop. The former has been defending Ferrari's colours since 2019 and will not settle for a second-place finish. At the same time, Hamilton has come to Italy for only one thing: winning his record-breaking eighth world title.

With two captains on the same ship, how will that work later? It is not a question Schumacher specifically addresses, but he is curious to know which of the two drivers will take the lead within the team. "Hamilton is, of course, seven-time world champion and a fantastic driver. But I don't think he has the qualities that Verstappen has. I don't think he is as consistent as Verstappen. And he can't take out that extra tenth at any cost."