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Windsor on Ferrari's chances of overtaking Red Bull

Windsor is clear: 'Ferrari won't overtake Red Bull'

14 March at 21:00
  • GPblog.com

Red Bull Racing look set for another dominant year. Max Verstappen was in pole position in both the first and second races before also taking victory at both weekends. Ferrari currently seems to be the fastest team behind Verstappen's team. During a live stream by Peter Windsor on his YouTube channel, the Briton discusses whether Ferrari can still overtake Red Bull this season.

Verstappen dominated last season. The Red Bull driver was unstoppable after the Miami Grand Prix. The Dutchman won 19 of the 22 races. He has already won the first two in 2024.

Windsor: 'Ferrari won't overtake Red Bull in 2024'

Many people were hoping this season would be a bit more exciting, but so far, Red Bull has built another dominant car. Windsor then says, "I don't think Ferrari will overtake Red Bull. I don't think the upgrades are going to be enough. They've got potential to do quite a lot at the rear [of the car]."

Windsor says the gap is too big. Still, he gives Ferrari fans a glimmer of hope: "I'm not saying Ferrari won't win a race, of course, that's a different question. And I think they could well win a race, because it only takes two Red Bulls to have a problem. Charles on the same day to have a good race, or maybe even Carlos Sainz, let's hope for him in terms of his career. But in terms of actually challenging Red Bull, I don't think that's going to happen."