How Verstappen and the RB20 are strong around the Bahrain circuit

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How Verstappen and Red Bull RB20 are strong around the Bahrain circuit

Conclusions can't be drawn after the first day of practice in Bahrain, yet Peter Windsor already sees a striking difference between Max Verstappen in the RB20 and Lando Norris in his McLaren car. The Dutchman was not top of the timesheet, as his main focus was on the longruns.

At turn ten of the Bahrain International Circuit, Windsor notices something striking when comparing Norris and Verstappen. "They're about the same, but bear in mind, Lando's on soft tyres. And actually, middle of Turn 10, Max is quicker. His minimum speed is 78 kilometres an hour. Lando Norris is 75 kilometres an hour. And even more significantly, Max is in third gear and Lando in second gear," the analyst explains in a YouTube video on his channel.

Verstappen on the harder tyres

"Again, you can't compare the two cars directly because they may well have different ratios. Second in the McLaren may not equal second in the Red Bull. But bear in mind, Max is on the harder tyre and in theory has less grip," the 71-year-old said.

Verstappen already said after the two practice sessions that he had no worries about his car in Bahrain. The three-time world champion was also happy with the longrun he completed.