Schumacher denounces Horner's performance in press conference: 'No excuses yet'

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Schumacher denounces Horner's performance in press conference
8 March at 07:51

Christian Horner joined the press conference after the first free practice session in Saudi Arabia and talked about the past few weeks, which have been chaotic for him. There was an accusation of inappropriate behaviour against him, but the investigation cleared the Red Bull team boss. Ralf Schumacher is irritated by the 'victim role' Horner is crawling into.

Speaking to the German branch of Sky Sports, Schumacher responded to the press conference, where Horner joined in. "I haven't heard any excuses yet, in any form. Now people are saying: everyone wants to take him down. Rumours are being spread, but there seems to be a grain of truth in it. Otherwise, well-known magazines would not say the same thing, and Jos Verstappen would not stand up and say too much has happened (to Horner)."

Schumacher with tip for Horner

"Maybe he should behave a bit more discreetly than he has," Schumacher continued. The German has been regularly in the news in recent days after he said several times that he thought Horner should pack his bags. According to Schumacher, the English team boss had to resign for the sake of the team.

Schumacher criticised Horner for playing the victim role during the press conference. He explained. "He wants to save his skin because, of course, you can see he is not popular. If you see where the storm came from and a mailing list of important e-mail addresses, that was unbelievable. So he has not made many friends."