Dominant Red Bull running on empty according to Schumacher: 'After Newey also Verstappen'

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ralf schumacher foresees deflation of red bull, points to horner as culprit
27 April at 08:00

Ralf Schumacher expects a major shift at the Red Bull Racing team. With the possible departure of Adrian Newey, who is already said to be in far-reaching negotiations with Ferrari, the German former driver sees other leaders of the team also leaving.

"Adrian Newey needs harmony, he needs a good atmosphere, a good workplace. And right now you have to say clearly: Red Bull is falling apart," Schumacher told the German branch of Sky Sports. According to Michael Schumacher's brother, in the event of a deflation, there is one person to blame: "The only responsibility for the break-up of Red Bull lies with Christian Horner, who is clinging to power. I don't think the departure of Adrian Newey will be the last problem he faces. Max Verstappen is already thinking about leaving, as is Dr Helmut Marko."

According to Schumacher, it could just be that Newey's departure will have immediate consequences: "Last year, the team also had problems. He [Newey, ed.] was ill once and then you immediately saw what was going on with Red Bull. Max Verstappen had problems. If he wants to continue, he has to be free. Otherwise, of course, he remains blocked and cannot join a new team."

Declining Red Bull

Schumacher makes a gloomy prediction for the now-dominant Red Bull: "I give Red Bull two more years and if they stick with Horner, the team will sink into mediocrity. I'm pretty sure of that."