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'Horner should quit: Verstappen is already negotiating with Mercedes'

'Horner should quit: Verstappen is already negotiating with Mercedes'

6 March - 13:44

Ralf Schumacher argues that Christian Horner would be better off leaving as Red Bull Racing team boss. The former F1 driver sees the chances of star driver Max Verstappen's departure growing by the day following talks between Jos Verstappen and Toto Wolff.

The turmoil within Red Bull Racing seems to be growing. Christian Horner was allowed to stay on as Red Bull team boss, but the battle does not seem to be over with that. Even Jos Verstappen already suggested that Horner should pack his bags. Max's father, meanwhile, is also said to be working on alternatives for his son.

Verstappen already in negotiations with Mercedes

"The danger is that some parties now want to leave and look for other options. New teams, new targets. Horner has to draw his conclusions from this. When you see how everyone is against him, his position is no longer tenable. He should resign in the interest of the team," the German said in a conversation with Sky Germany.

That feud between Horner and Jos is now said to have risen so high that Verstappen is already in talks with Mercedes. In Bahrain, there were talks on the paddock between Jos Verstappen and Toto Wolff, but according to, there was also a dinner at the Four Season Hotel.

"In my opinion, they are already in negotiations," Schumacher said. "That's plan B if all this fails. The person after Verstappen is Adrian Newey. He is also a person who benefits from good peace within the team. He will not do this to himself for the long term," the former F1 driver concludes.