Reddit community rally to make Sirotkin Driver of the Year

20-11-2018 10:40
by Bobby Vincent
Reddit community rally to make Sirotkin Driver of the Year

Despite being rock-bottom of the drivers' standings, with just a single point... Sergey Sirotkin is a contender for Driver of the Year, with the Russian driver clearly having a lot more fans than he perhaps thinks...

Sky Sports put a poll up for the public to decide who their Driver of the Year is. Lewis Hamilton, unsurprisingly, lead the way early on... but rather surprisngly, he was soon overtaken by a rapidly improving Sirotkin.

The Williams driver has one single point this season; coming in the Italian Grand Prix - following Romain Grosjean's disqualification from the race.

It appears the support for Sirotkin is coming from Reddit, with numerous threads supporting the Russian driver.

Reddit is usually a forum page not to be taken too seriously... but it looks as if things are being taken rather seriously in an attempt to hail Sirotkin for his 2018 efforts!

It looks as if Sirotkin may take a temporary/permanent spell out of Formula One after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with Robert Kubica looking set to replace Sirotkin at Williams next season - with announcement expected as early as the race this weekend.

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