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Vasseur warns competition: 'Sainz and Leclerc are in top form'

Vasseur warns competition: 'Sainz and Leclerc are in top form'

28 February - 08:00

Ferrari's final sprint of last season has paid off for team boss Frederic Vasseur's team. The Ferrari team boss is ready for the first Grand Prix of the new Formula 1 season and hopes to see the same determination from Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

Ferrari team boss Vasseur is satisfied with Ferrari's current situation. "After the SF-24 completed over seven race distances during testing, when all teams ran to their own programmes, the time has finally come for everyone to show their hand. As from Thursday’s free practice, we will begin to get an idea of the pecking order and see the results of the work we and the other teams have done. Charles and Carlos felt comfortable at the wheel of the SF-24, which is exactly what we had set out to achieve when designing it."

Ferrari are determined, according to Vasseur

"We are up against the usual tough opponents and I want to see us adopt the same approach we had in the closing stages of last season. We must not be scared to dare if we believe a bold decision can make the difference when it comes to our performance. The car appears to be competitive, Charles and Carlos are in great shape and the mood in the team is super focused and we are determined to get a good result," explained the 55-year-old Frenchman.

Last season, the Italian Scuderia finished third in the championship. After an impressive final sprint, second place proved to be just too high, as drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton scored just a little more points on behalf of Mercedes. This season, Ferrari's car, behind the RB20, seems to be the fastest on the grid. Can the Italian manufacturer compete for the championship?