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Former F1 driver sceptical: 'I wonder if Hamilton can handle that'

Former F1 driver sceptical: 'I wonder if Hamilton can handle that'

10 February - 18:00

In the final phase of his Formula 1 career, Lewis Hamilton is still daring: he is swapping his trusted Mercedes team for a new adventure at Ferrari. According to many, it is a win-win situation, but former F1 driver Hans-Joachim Stuck is not so sure.

Stuck is anything but convinced that the switch will be smooth for the seven-time world champion. "Hamilton is a special personality. But whether he can handle the system at Ferrari, where everything works a bit differently, is something I am curious about," he told Eurosport.

'Hamilton cannot be a big personality at Ferrari'

"He has to subordinate himself now. He is certainly not used to that," the 73-year-old German continued. "The Scuderia work differently to Red Bull or Mercedes. You're not the big personality there that you can live out like in other racing teams. Ferrari are Italy. The press is completely different, they pick out every little detail, there are no secrets. It will be a completely new experience for Hamilton."

At Ferrari, Hamilton hopes to be in the hunt for his eighth world title. "Of course Hamilton is at a particularly high level, because with Ferrari he could break Michael Schumacher's record. That would be great, records are there to be broken. If he wins his eighth title there, that would be a great story. But there is a long way to go - and especially a difficult one," Stuck said.