'Ferrari keen to see key Red Bull man appear in Maranello'

'Ferrari keen to see key Red Bull man appear in Maranello'

10 February - 09:00

Things are not running smoothly at Red Bull Racing's F1 team. The investigation of team principal Christian Horner which could possibly lead to his departure is also creating a potential departure desire for other team members. According to the BBC, technical director Pierre Waché is eyeing a move to Ferrari's team. Indeed, the good news for him, would also be one. for Ferrari.

The BBC reports that the technical director could move to the Italian racing stable just like that in the near future and it will not surprise anyone in the paddock. Just a few months ago, Waché did not see a switch coming. In a swap deal with Ferrari, he was to be swapped with Laurent Mekies, who in turn was earlier to start working as team principal at then AlphaTauri, now Visa Cash App RB. Ferrari now see another opportunity thanks to everything currently running at Red Bull.

Depends on Horner

It all very much depends on how the Horner case will develop. On Friday, Horner was questioned about the situation by an independent lawyer. The questioning lasted over eight hours. Christian Horner is under fire after alleged transgressive behaviour was observed. Horner is accused of "extreme authoritarian behaviour" towards a female employee. Horner steadfastly denies all allegations against him.