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Trulli: 'Hamiltons arrival doesn't necessarily change anything for Ferrari'

Trulli: 'Hamiltons arrival doesn't necessarily change anything for Ferrari'

3 February - 16:00

Lewis Hamilton rocked the Formula 1 world this week with the announcement that he is swapping Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025. Jarno Trulli warns that the arrival of the seven-time world champion does not necessarily mean that Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen are suddenly beatable, he tells La Repubblica.

Trulli: 'Arrival of Hamilton does not mean change'

"Lewis is fulfilling his boyhood dream, but the switch alone is not enough: the Red Bulls are currently unbeatable," the former F1 driver began. "The news hit like a bomb: a seven-time world champion going to the most important and prestigious team. But it's not like it changes things."

"You can field as many champions as you want, but if the car and the team cannot compete, the result with Hamilton will not change much compared to the results of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Sure, you have a champion who is still one of the best drivers on the market, with a lot of experience, even if he is getting on in age. But that does not give you a guarantee to win," he added.

'Hamilton benefits more from this move than Ferrari'

At the age of 40, Hamilton is going to fulfil his childhood dream by driving for Ferrari, but Trulli doubts this move will give the team what it is looking for. According to the one-time Grand Prix winner, the team from Maranello has other dreams: "The priority is to win titles, not to have a seven-time world champion in the house. Frankly, I think Hamilton is going to benefit more from this than Ferrari."

Something else that Trulli says comes into play is the career Hamilton already has behind him. "Hamilton has been a McLaren driver since childhood and since 2013 he has been a symbol for Mercedes. It reminds me, conversely, of Schumacher's story," he explained.

'Lewis will always be connected to Mercedes'

"Michael signed a contract with Mercedes at the age of 21, but then failed to make his debut in Formula 1. That is also why, when he returned to racing at the age of 41, he wanted to race at Mercedes. It was as if he wanted to end it that way."

"But Schumacher was, is and will always be a symbol of Ferrari. Even if he went elsewhere at the end of his career, he is the history of Maranello. Just as Lewis will remain the history of Mercedes," Trulli said.