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Miami GP still in Liberty Media plans for F1 - Carey

Miami GP still in Liberty Media plans for F1 - Carey

12-11-2018 18:02

Chase Carey claims the Miami Grand Prix is still well within the realms of possibility. He insists the plans are still on the table despite the Miami City Commission voting to derail the idea in September.

Since then, Liberty Media has announced a deal to host a race in Vietnam starting in 2020. This event is hoped to expand the interest in Formula 1 in that part of the world. Carey admits he would still like to grow the sport in America by adding another race.

"The plan is to have a second race in the US. But we are not just dealing with Miami, even if we are convinced that it would be a great project," Carey told Speedweek.

"The negotiations are going on. When it comes to street circuits, there are many interests that need to come together, and it takes time. But the [Miami] festival helped. Everyone thought the event was great. It was a positive step towards the race."

When the news surfaced about the Vietnam Grand Prix, plenty of fans took to Twitter in anger of the decision. Fans believed F1 should be caring more about classic tracks which face a strong threat of being cancelled.

Bratches claims that the growth of Formula 1 globally, will not have an effect on the Silverstone's Monza's and Hockenheim's.

"We want to keep the races with a long history. They are important for the sport and for the fans. But in terms of race locations, nothing in this sport is unchanging. We are a business after all," F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches is quoted by RTL.

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