Verstappen holds his excitement for Dutch GP

09-11-2018 08:23
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Verstappen holds his excitement for Dutch GP

Max Verstappen says he's not yet excited about the prospect of a home Grand Prix. An event in the Netherlands is on the potential list to join the race calendar in 2020.

The Red Bull driver has picked up plenty of support throughout the year with the 'orange army' following him. They roared him to victory in Austria and made plenty of noise in Belgium to give us a flavour of what a Dutch GP would be like.

The support has helped Verstappen, but he claims he's holding back the excitement.

"There is nothing concrete yet. Of course, it would be very nice if we get a race in the Netherlands. And ok, it’s possible on that circuit. Great. But now the money has to come,” Verstappen told Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

This week, Formula 1 announced the new Vietnam Grand Prix which will take place in 2020. Verstappen remained impartial but joked about how his car would run on the almost one-mile straight.

“I hope it will be an interesting circuit, I can’t really tell from the drawings. I’ll have to drive it. But I hope by then that we have so much power that the front wheels come off the ground,” Verstappen said.

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