Verstappen doubts Brazil win for Red Bull

08-11-2018 17:10
by Bobby Vincent
Verstappen doubts Brazil win for Red Bull

Despite dominating in Mexico in the last Grand Prix, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen does not expect similar celebrations for his team this weekend in Brazil.

Verstappen believes that Mercedes and Ferrari will return to their dominating ways at Interlagos.

The Dutch 21-year-old drove a terrific race in Mexico, dominating throughout, leading all but four laps in Central America to claim his second win of the season.

Verstappen has had impressive performances in Brazil in the past, most notably in 2016 - where he finished third for Red Bull in the heavy rain, but the driver doubts a strong result this season despite the team's speed in Mexico.

"We will always try to do the best we can, but I think there are not enough corners to make up the loss we have on the straight which you could also see last year," Verstappen said to 

"In a week, normally you can't improve your car that much, so we don't have enough power. It's not a normal straight it's uphill and you are always turning at high-speeds so it makes it only worse. With the levels of downforce on these cars, the corners are even more flat out, so that's the same scenatio we get in Silverstone.

"A few years ago, it was really a proper track with proper corners, but now it's pretty much flat out and it gets more painful for us."

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