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Horner on Perez's future: 'He has to start living up to it'

Horner on Perez's future: 'He has to start living up to it'

10-12-2023 07:30
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Toby McLuskie

Red Bull Racing's team has had an insane season. Yet Sergio Perez's performances have at times been lacking. Speaking to Sky Sports, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner explains in which areas the Mexican still needs to improve and gives an insight into the security of the Mexican's seat.

According to Horner, Perez needs to improve during qualifying on Saturday, as his average qualifying spot in the third half of the season was P9. This makes for a lot of work to do on Sunday. During some races, such as Baku, his speed did match Verstappen's roughly, but poorer qualifying meant results lagged behind. Horner believes Perez does do well on Sunday.

Perez needs to start delivering

If Perez wants to stay at Red Bull Racing, next year will be his most important year ever. According to Horner, the Mexican should manage to perform. Indeed, he indicates that in his time with the team, Perez has shown that he performs best under pressure.

Horner continued that nothing has been set for 2025. So Perez will have to perform at all 24 races next year, to grab points and race wins for the team. Indeed, if the field becomes more competitive between the teams in the future, Red Bull's team can no longer afford big differences between Verstappen and Perez. According to Horner, Perez is aware of this and knows he has to deliver next season.