Vandoorne desperate to use Formula One experience for future challenges

04-11-2018 08:13
by Matt Gretton
Vandoorne desperate to use Formula One experience for future challenges

Stoffel Vandoorne will leave Formula One after just two years involved in the sport. McLaren's performances has probably made it hard to show the world his full potential, but he claims the experiences he picked up will help him become a better driver in the future.

Following the conclusion of the season in less than three weeks, the Belgian will move across to Formula E. The 26-year-old won the F2 championship in 2015, but no experience compares to Formula One.

When asked by Motorsport magazine for his highlights Vandoorne said: "The experience that I've picked up in this working environment."

"To work with the team to prepare for the weekend. I think I learned so much in the last two years that I've been here. There are also two years of life experience, and there is a lot to do with what I can take with me and incorporate with my next adventure."

The next adventure begins in just over a months time. The Formula E season sparks into life on the 15th December, and some testing has already been carried out.

Vandoorne's time in F1 was littered with frustrating results. He confirms that these results were the lowest point in his time in the sport.

"The performance in general [the lowest part]. That was not the best. Not being able to fight for good results is likely to be the low point. But I think many of you will agree that not much was in my hands. And that was always the case in Formula One," Vandoorne added.

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