Stroll far from exiting Aston Martin: 'He's all-in'

Stroll far from exiting Aston Martin: 'He's all-in'

22-11-2023 16:44

Aston Martin's Formula 1 team says the arrival of new investor Arctos will not affect Lawrence Stroll's role and position within the team. So says director of the team Jeff Slack to

Arctos is an organisation that already has sports projects under their name, including clubs in the NBA, MLS and NHL. The news that the organisation would get shares in the F1 team gave some fans the impression that Lawrence Stroll was on his way out. But nothing could be further from the truth: "Lawrence is all in, he's not going anywhere," said Slack.

No money issue for Stroll

The deal is seen as a strategic move by Aston Martin. Jeff Slack said the following: "It's not just the team, but he has this thing called Aston Martin Lagonda that's a pretty important part of his life too. So the team is the marketing platform for Aston Martin Lagonda. And of course, Lawrence is a very wealthy guy, it's not an issue of capital.|"

Only minority stake

Slack wants to clarify one more thing: "The other thing about these guys, if you dive in a bit, they're never control guys, they never own and operate anything, only minority stakes. So that shows you if Lawrence was trying to sell to somebody who ultimately could take control, these will be the last guys you would sell to."