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Herbert believes Verstappen 'won't retire early'

Herbert believes Verstappen 'won't retire early'

20 November - 15:00

Max Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull Racing until at least 2028. The big question is whether he will extend this contract later and until when he will actually continue driving in Formula 1. According to Johnny Herbert, Verstappen is not done with Formula 1 yet.

Verstappen has been racing in Formula 1 since he was 17, making him the youngest F1 driver ever to compete in an F1 race. He has hinted before that records do not matter much to him and that Formula 1 is not his whole life. The question then remains until when Verstappen will continue to race in Formula 1.

'World titles of Hamilton and Schumacher is his motivation'

According to Johnny Herbert, the number of world titles won by Hamilton and Schumacher is enough motivation for Verstappen to stay in Formula 1. "Max is very aware that he has the talent to potentially beat that. That is his motivation."

The thing with great world champions like Schumacher, Senna, Hamilton and Verstappen is that they constantly want to improve themselves. This comes from within and is the biggest motivation, which sets them apart from the rest, according to Herbert when in conversation with Genting Casino.

'Verstappen won't retire early'

Herbert does not think Verstappen will retire early. "That’s just him growing up and maturing and him appreciating there is life outside the F1 bubble. I think his whole demeanor and mentality is about winning. He may do Le Mans with his Dad. But his main focus is and will be F1 but he realises he can enjoy life in a different way and it's not all about that one bubble. Maybe it's family that could be starting to come into his head.”