Aston Martin knows they must do better 'They are passengers'

Aston Martin knows they must do better 'They are passengers'

01-11-2023 09:13

Things are not going well for Aston Martin. Whereas the British formation started the season on a high note with several convincing podium finishes, they are now fighting hard to score points in a weekend. Team boss Mike Krack acknowledges there is a lot of work to do.

In the United States, Aston Martin took an update that they hoped pushed back to the front. However, because there was only one free practice in the sprint weekend, there was limited time to test the new parts and gather useful data. In Mexico, that process continued, but Aston Martin are not there yet. The team competed towards the rear.

In preparation for the race, Alonso had already spun a few times. The two-time world champion had visibly lost confidence in the AMR23. "He has won more than 30 races and owns two titles, so when he spins something is wrong," Krack was quoted by AS. "He was not happy, and we need to give him a better car. If we don't give our drivers a good car, they can't do anything. They are passengers."

Aston Martin working hard

That Aston Martin would have lost track is the wrong conclusion. "When you lose track, you try things that are unreasonable. This is not the case," Krack added. "We have talked to the engineers over the last few races to evaluate starting from the pit lane, and it is important that we understand the data we have collected. We have to take pragmatic decisions. It's not easy, but it's the right thing to do to move forward."

Aston Martin currently occupies fifth place in the world championship with 236 points. Finishing in fourth place is still possible but does not seem likely, given the form of Alonso and Lance Stroll's team. McLaren - who have much more momentum - are fourth in the World Championship with 256 points.

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