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Severe criticism of Stroll's behaviour: 'I have a big problem with that'

Severe criticism of Stroll's behaviour: 'I have a big problem with that'

20-10-2023 20:04


Jenson Button is not too keen on Lance Stroll's behaviour. While the Canadian is still being protected by his father and Aston Martin, Button believes the Canadian should show more respect.

Stroll showed his worst side in Qatar. After his unsuccessful qualifying, he threw his steering wheel out of the car, his physio got a big shove, and the driver also gave a harrowing interview. Stroll also seemed unaware of any wrongdoing in the United States, something Button just cannot understand.

Why Stroll cannot behave like this

"Some of it's definitely being unlucky. This is another unlucky situation he finds himself in," Button explained to Sky Sports after Stroll's problems in the first free practice. "The big problem is the off-track antics, which I have a little bit of an issue with. As a racing driver, you get stressed in certain situations, but you need to control that. You need to have more respect within a team and the people you work with. I think he lost that a little bit in the last race."

According to Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack, it is also because the camera is always pointed at the drivers. With footballers, this would be much less the case, according to Button. However, this does not hold true when it comes to contact with another person, according to the 2009 world champion.

"Not when it's a human being, no. It's not. And Mike Krack also said that drivers need more respect. I understand, in one way, the stress that we're under, and the camera is always on a racing driver, but I think respect is more needed for the other people you're working with on the team. I think he’s realised that. I know it's tough; there's so much pressure on you."

"He [the person who Stroll pushed] was doing his job correctly. It is such a tough situation. Not many sports have eyes on you the whole time. But this is a grown-up sport, we can't be acting in that manner. But I'm sure he understands that, he see it now and can move on." The latter is still in doubt, given Stroll's most recent appearance in the press conference.