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Andretti Cadillac releases statement: 'Enthusiasm will increase'

Andretti Cadillac releases statement: 'Enthusiasm will increase'

02-10-2023 18:16 Last update: 19:20

The chances of Andretti Formula Racing being in Formula 1 from 2026 seem to be increasing. The US constructor was told that it meets the criteria demanded by the FIA. Andretti Cadillac reacted to the positive news for the first time regarding the racing licence in the pinnacle of motorsport.

Andretti enthusiastic about possible F1 participation

"We appreciate the FIA’s rigorous, transparent and complete evaluation process and are incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to compete in such a historic and prestigious Championship," reported constructor Andretti Cadillac after it was informed that the application had been approved by the FIA.

"The formation of this distinctly American team is an important moment of pride for all our employees and fans," the team continued. "We feel strongly that Andretti Cadillac’s deep racing competencies and the technological advancements that come from racing will benefit our customers while heightening enthusiasm for F1 globally."

Andretti is looking forward to it

Currently, there are few bears on the road, but the FOM is one of them. So, the chances of the US party not going ahead are still there. "We look forward to engaging with all of the stakeholders in Formula One as we continue our planning to join the grid as soon as possible."