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Ben Sulayem: 'Only wanted teams that added value to the sport'

Ben Sulayem: 'Only wanted teams that added value to the sport'

02-10-2023 16:54 Last update: 19:11

The FIA has approved Andretti Formula Racing's application, meaning there may be as many as 11 teams racing in Formula One. The ball is not completely in the court yet, as Formula One Management (FOM) could still put a stop to the team's participation. The FIA, which approved the application, explains.

Speaking is FIA president Mohamed Ben Sulayem: "Our objective, after rigorous due diligence during the application phase, was to only approve prospective entries which satisfied the set criteria and illustrated that they would add value to the sport," says top FIA president Ben Sulayem.

Ben Sulayem on Andretti Formula Racing

"Andretti Formula Racing LLC was the only entity which fulfils the selection criteria that was set in all material respects," Ben Sulayem says after Andretti Formula Racing's approval by the FIA. " I congratulate Michael Andretti and his team on a thorough submission. I also want to thank all prospective teams for their interest and participation", the FIA man informed.

Entry, which is not yet certain, will also mean that teams will have to split the prize money between one additional team. Team bosses of the current Formula 1 teams previously indicated that it really needs to be proven that the entry will be positive for the sport. Toto Wolff, among others, spoke confidently of the FIA and FOM and hoped they would choose the best option.