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Andretti step closer to joining F1: These teams are missing out!

Andretti step closer to joining F1: These teams are missing out!

02-10-2023 18:15 Last update: 19:18

Eleven teams in Formula 1 in 2026? It just might. This is because the FIA has approved Andretti Formula Racing's entry, which means that only the FOM still has to decide whether or not the team will be allowed to compete in the premier class of motorsport. The fact that only Andretti's team has been approved also means that many teams have dropped out. We list them.

Rodin Carlin

Rodin Carlin was one of the candidates for an F1 licence in 2026, but the New Zealand constructor was told a few days ago that its bid was not successful enough. The formation already told after the rejection that Andretti would actually be the only successful candidate after the bid. "Unfortunately, our bid was not successful enough," the statement read.

LKY Sunz

LKY SUNZ also wanted to be part of the Formula 1 grid in 2026. To their regret, this constructor was also told that an F1 licence was not awarded to them. The team wanted to enter Formula 1 with diversity, CEO Benjamin Durand told GPblog in an exclusive. A billion euros entrance fee had been raised. However, this constructor was also kindly thanked by FIA president Mohamed Ben Sulayem.

Hitech Grand Prix

Hitech Grand Prix was the other name on the FIA's list, but they too ended up failing to get the race licence for motorsport's king class. The English constructor was already present in Formula 2, Formula 3 and Formula 4 but cannot add the highest class of the racing pyramid.